Our Communities

ExxonMobil PNG Ltd fully recognising the importance of the landowners involvement in the PNG LNG Project, pushed for the establishment of an umbrella landowner company that can be the link between the landowners and Project contractors to look for business opportunities in the Project.

As such Hides Gas Development Company Ltd was established to become the umbrella landowner company for the upstream section of the PNG LNG Project. Thirteen (13) regional landowner companies owned by landowners are shareholders of HGDC.

As a landowner company with landowner leaders as Directors on the Board, HGDC strives to improve the way of living of the people of Hides, Benaria Pipeline, Komo, Kobalu and Angore.

HGDC engages itself effectively to ensure our shareholders benefit from Papua New Guinea’s first LNG project

DSC00033Hides Gas Development Company Ltd does not want to in any way take away the role of the different levels of Government to provide vital services to the people impacted by the PNG LNG Project.

But as a responsible corporate citizen and a landowner company owned by the project impacted people, we feel that it is also our duty to give back to the communities that we operate in.

HGDC has played and will continue to play a significant role to provide funding and resources for the rehabilitation of community projects.

To date we have assisted in cash and kind in the areas of Health, Education, upkeep of Law and Order, Agriculture, Culture and Heritage, Women’s’ Groups, Youth Groups, Sports and we have also supported Hela students attending various tertiary institutions throughout the country with their fundraising activities.