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Abel Voyorite – HESL Site Operations Manager (Pics: HGDC PR)

The Komo Rugby league in Hela has received a K100,000.00 boost from the Hides Gas Development Company (HGDC) over the weekend during its proper season opening on Sunday (14th April, 2019). Komo, which has been marred by tribal fights in recent in years is given a new lease of life through the motto “Lusim Gun na Play Rugby”, a community initiative fully supported by the Exxon Mobile PNG- operator of the PNGLNG project. Thousands flocked from Komo area and the wider Hela province to the Komo Rugby field to witness the event. ExxonMobil and HGDC delegates were given a grand welcome with traditional dancing and singing.  

“HGDC as a local Landowner Company is very pleased to support this kind of community incentive to bring peace and harmony in the community,” HGDC Chairman Tuguyawini Libe Parindali said. HGDC Site Operations Manager Abel Voyorite when pledging the one hundred thousand Kina (K100, 000.00) stressed that HGDC as a landowner company would always back ExxonMobil in any community initiatives such as this Rugby League in Komo LLG.“After so many lives lost during tribal conflict, peace is what we must all strive for. HGDC applauds EMPNG and local communities for taking this initiative,” Mr Voyorite said.

This Rugby League in Komo LLG must not stop as one fine day a talented Hunters or Kumul player will come out of Komo. Mr. Voyorite said that he would monitor the usage of the money and urged the Komo Rugby League Management to come up with a budget which he will go through in detail before delivering his pledge of K100, 000.00. Chairman of the Komo Rugby League Dr.  Michael Mai thanked HGDC for the donation on behalf of Komo Rugby League.