Hides Alliance Group - A Joint Venture with The Alliance Group/National Catering Services


Camp Catering /Laundry & Cleaning

Business Contact Name

  • Bob Nowak
  • John Gethin-Jones
  • Garry Potter

Company Brief

The Hides Alliance Group partnership was formalized in March 2010 between Hides Gas Development Company Ltd and The Alliance Group ( 100% subsidiary of the NCS Group ).

The signing of the agreement ensured Hides Alliance Group (HAG) is in a better position to tender directly for all PNG LNG contracts for Camp Management and Catering Services in the Hides, Komo and Juha areas.

The Alliance Group is a new company that was formed between NCS and GCC Services, specifically to provide services for LNG projects. GCC sold their equity in HAG to the NCS group in 2012 ; The Alliance Group is owned 100% by NCS.

HGDC chose to work with The Alliance Group because of the level of professionalism, experience and commitment that the partnership would bring to the catering and camp management business.

The business of Hides Alliance Group continues to grow and expand across the Up Stream Project sites namely Kobalu, Well Pad D & G, Juni, CBIC main camp, C1 camp and HQ3 drilling camp.

Currently HAGL is a 50-50 JV between HGDC and NCS.