Who are our Shareholders?

  1. Tukupa Development Corporation Ltd.
  2. Gigira Development Corporation Ltd.
  3. Timalia Gangulu Hahai Ltd.
  4. Tugu Tapira Ltd.
  5. Bebahoya Limited.
  6. Hides 4 Holdings Ltd.
  7. Komo Umbrella JV Ltd.
  8. Angore Corporation Ltd.
  9. JP Karai Hides Ltd.
  10. Buluaro Holdings Ltd
  11. Hides Hiwa Igini Ltd
  12. Tuguba Holdings Limited.

Electing of Directors from Regional Landowner Companies.

The shareholders of Regional Landowner Companies elect their own Directors. The Directors of the respective regional lancos appoint their representatives to be Directors on the HGDC Board.

Day to day operations.

Hides Gas Development Company Ltd has a signed Service Outline Agreement (SOA) with ExxonMobil PNG Limited for the PNG LNG Project. Apart from our reserved business areas, HGDC continues to seek new commercial opportunities to expand the business platform beyond the PNG LNG Project.


We also have other partnerships with other reputable firms to provide other services to the PNG LNG Project.