We Build The Future

ExxonMobil PNG Limited (EMPNG) fully recognising the importance of the landowners involvement in the PNG LNG Project, pushed for the establishment of an umbrella landowner company that can be the link between the landowners and Project contractors to look for business opportunities in the Project.

As such Hides Gas Development Company Ltd was established to become the umbrella landowner company for the upstream section of the PNG LNG Project. Thirteen (13) regional landowner companies owned by landowners are shareholders of HGDC.

HGDC strives to improve the way of living of the people of Hides, Benaria Pipeline, Komo, Kobalu and Angore.

HGDC engaged itself effectively to ensure our shareholders benefitted from Papua New Guinea’s first LNG project.

Hides Gas Development Company Ltd does not want to in any way take away the role of the different levels of Government to provide vital services to the people impacted by the PNG LNG project.

But as a responsible corporate citizen and a company owned by the project impacted people, we feel that it is also our duty to give back to the communities that we operate in.

HGDC has played a significant role to provide funding and resources for the rehabilitation of community projects. We have also been in the forefront of rehabilitating schools and health centres.

Our areas of interest are; Health, Education, Agriculture, Culture and Heritage.

Towards New Horizons

As a responsible landowner company, we have played a significant role in assisting the communities we do busines in.

Our community service obligation is immense and we will continue to provide assistance to the local communities as we believe in improving the lives of our landowners.

To date we have;

• opened schools in the project areas
• supplied school materials
• installed water tanks and pumps
• installed generators
• delivered ambulances
• sponsored local students at various levels of education
• supported churches and programs they run in spiritual
• suported sporting codes and teams
• supported agriculture development in the province

Hides Gas Development Company Ltd through our sponsorships and donations program is committed to supporting causes that matter to our clients, our employees and the communities we operate. The main aim of our Company is to live a lasting legacy to make a positive and lasting difference to the communities in the Greater Hides area. We invest in our communities so to show that we are doing the right thing and our investment is a testimony to how we operate in these areas.

We support our shareholders to see some benefits of the project that is known worldwide and creating a brighter future for the people of Hela and the future generations is also core to our operations.

With our main focus on children’s education, health, improving law and order, agriculture and the revival of traditional Huli arts and culture, Hides Gas Development Company Ltd invested in cash and kind to supoprt these programs since the company was established.

We proudly feel part of the community in which we operate. HGDC’s Community Affairs Officer Morris Haia leading staff  at a funeral contribution at Para in June, 2019.

ANZ in partnership HGDC with  brings banking services to the Hides and the wider Hela Region. During ANZ’s Hides Branch opening. Chairman Libe Parindali is with ANZ CEO Mark Baker during the opening.